Outsourcing is a key ingredient to any successful business. However, millions of dollars are wasted every year by many Internet Marketers who outsource through the traditional freelance marketplaces. At iNeedTasks you pay per TASK and all of our workers are pre-screened. This saves you time by not having to screen the applicants yourself and it saves you money because the job is done right the first time at a pre-determined, affordable rate.

Special Bonus: 13% bonus credit added instantly to all credit purchases of $100 or more.

EASY Outsourcing

It's like having your own highly-trained staff who only work when you need them.


Simple Up-front Pricing

With other outsourcing options you pay on an hourly basis, not knowing how many hours it will take, or you pay up-front (including many required "add-ons") and then you just hope the quality is good.

At iNeedTasks you get the best of both worlds. You know exactly what you pay before the work even begins and because we pre-screen our workers and then also have a rating system in place, you can rest assured that the finished product is going to be high-quality.

Pre screened Workers

Running a successful business should not require you to gamble with your money! All of our tasks that require specific skill are done ONLY by pre-screened experts who have proven to us that they provide work that is above the average standard of quality in the industry.

We also have a rating system in place that allows us to keep a close eye on the overall quality that each individual worker is producing. If the overall rating gets too low, that worker will no longer have access to the system.

Just Some of the Tasks we Offer at iNeedTasks


Custom Tasks

Order a task that we don't cover and if any of our team can do it, they will!


WordPress Tasks

We do everything from installation and configuration to design and bug fixes.


Design Tasks

WordPress themes, HTML templates, logos, minisites and everything in between.


Copywriting Tasks

Need some converting copy written? We've got you covered.


Keyword Tasks

Need some keyword research done? We do that too!


Video Tasks

Everything from video creation to editing and improving.


Audio Tasks

We have professional voice-overs and we also do many other audio tasks.


Data Entry Tasks

Just about any kind of data entry tasks you can imagine, we can do.



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iNeedTasks is based on a credit system. Just sign up, order credit and choose one or more task that you need done. That's it! We take it from there.


Your Team is Standing by!

Our expert team is standing by and ready to get YOUR work done. Just click the button above to create your free account and our experts could be doing your work for you within minutes.

iNeedTasks is the only outsourcing solution of it's kind. You get affordable task-based work done without the risk or time-investment. Join us now and get things done!